2017 Press Conference with Manny Zoom

New York – With a romantic song to Reggaetón rhythm titled “Una Noche Más”, the young artist Juancky “La Diferencia”, I left very impressed to all the attendees who attended the presentation of his new musical theme of his authorship. With an elegant interpretive style of the genre, scenic domain and with the perfect voice with which I interpret the theme “One More Night”, which fulfilled all the expectations to be a great success in the international market.

The song “Una Noche Más” was produced by the most active musical producers of the urban movement, Johan Alcover and Xtasys (A & X), winners of several Grammys and other international awards. The song “One More Night” was performed at We Loud Recording Studio in New York, for the company “Stadium Soundz Entertainment”.
The artist Juancky “La Diferencia”, for the presentation of his new theme if accompanied by his great team composed of: Ilaine Pérez – Palau, who is the executive director, David “Bubba” Griffin, president of the company Stadium Soundz , Milton Restituyo Al Cover and Stalin Núñez, musical producers of (A & X), and Elvin Polanco, publicist Bookings Agent of Stadium Soundz.
“I am very grateful to my company” Stadium Soundz Entertainment “and my team for this great opportunity to be here with all of you presenting my new track” Una Noche Más “.

“I feel comfortable in any musical genre, I lean more towards Reggaeton’s rhythm, as I did with this romantic song, and with the modern colors of urban music, which will appeal to everyone. Thanks to my fans and all the media for their great support. “

“In the coming days we will be on a promotional tour with our publicist Elvin Polanco, visiting the countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina with the theme” One More Night “and we hope to share with our Latin American brothers,” said Juancky ” The difference”.

It was a great night for Juancky “La Diferencia”, where the artist exchanged impressions with his followers, friends and related overnight. He also answered all the media questions, which covered the event which was held in the main lounge of Restaurant & Lounge 809 in Inwood New York.

The presentation of the artist was made by the marketing strategist Rosa Saldaña, of the company PROMECIN, responsible for the coordination and organization of the event. Https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = 15DCYPiuPgc

More about Juancky “La Diferencia”.

Juan C Ruiz, better known in the artistic world of urban music as “Juancky La Diferencia”.Born in Ponce, PR. At the age of 12 he decided to move to the United States with his family in search of new dreams.
From an early age he saw his inclination towards music. At the age of 15 he composed his first song, where his inspirations led him to find new horizons, dominating various types of genres such as rap, r & b, reggaeton, among others.

His ambition to be someone great in music, I took to be able to share platform with several urban music artist such as Plan B, Tulile, Zion, Jowell & Randy, RKM and Ken Y, India, Notch, Jking & Maximan, Silvio lives.
In 2010 he had the opportunity to present one of his songs in UNIVISION “Al Awakening”. Since then, “Juancky La Diferencia” manages to appear in several stops, festivals, and events where he manages to be one of the favorites. Like TELEMICRO “Aki e la cosa”, ONE of the strongest channels of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. I recently participated in the program “Between Us” by the channel Mun2Fox, The Key, The Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York 2014, and in the Miss America NJ 2014.

However, his first solo song was produced by “MATETRAXX” ONE of the engineer Romeo Santos, next to the note C.

Today, still promoting his new company (Team Juancky Entertainment) and its new theme merengue “Maluco” whose music video was produced by Rafael Ortiz, by the Company of (Infocus Film Works). Thanks to this theme, Juancky La Diferencia, obtains two nominations with “The Premios Fox USA 2015” As (Best Urban Solo Artist and Best New Production).

“Maluco” is recently released in several television channels such as (HBOLatino, MTVLatinos, Mun2, Tr3s, ABC Universal, among others). At the moment, he is working on several themes, one of them Joaquín (trumpet player of Romeo Santos) and La Nota C titled “Bit of Love”. And in a film entitled “Trafficking” under the company of “Infocus Film Works” with Dante Lara who has worked on a number of projects, such as “fast and the Furious”.
Thanks to their dedication and commitment to achieve their dreams, Juancky The difference continues to talk about with their great innovative talent
Juancky The Difference – Maluco (Official Video)
Juancky The Difference – Hot (. Prod by matetraxx, Note C)
Epiko Magazine in an interview with this new revelation
Epiko: As your concern is born in music?

I always had a restlessness in music. From an early age. I loved singing in the hallways of school and every time we had a chance to meet with friends. But at the age of 15, it was when I saw my inclination towards music when I wrote my first song. I remember very well, it was a Hip Hop song. Competing with some of my brother and another friend. Since then I was so surprised the way I wrote the song, that from there never appeared to sing and write.

EPIKO: What are Juancky’s goals in his career?

For me, music has no barriers. Every day music breaks barriers around the world. I think my vision right now is to be heard in every corner of the world. To be able to transmit my feeling, a new feeling. And aside from that, someday I could walk the red carpet and be nominated.

EPIKO: What is your muse?
Everything that happens in me around serves me to feed the muse. Be our own experiences, in love, things that happen to us in our daily lives. Sometimes friends come telling me anecdote and that serves me well for even if it is to start a song or at least an idea.

Epiko: Greetings to your fans and our readers:
I want to inform all my fans, thanks for the unconditional support they always give me. For making my songs one of his favorites, and always be pending in the career of Juancky La Diferencia. We still have much to prove, and we are more than certain that we will not look bad. God bless you all.

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